Wittgenstein and Brain Science

What is the nature of knowledge? What is time? Our just published book Wittgenstein and Brain Science: Understanding the World proposes answers to these and other centuries-old, and so far unresolved, questions about the world using results of modern brain science and a key method of the philosopher Wittgenstein.

The book relies on the same tools to show why some of these questions about the world simply cannot be answered. For example: Do we have free will?

The arguments rely on a very general concept of subconscious and conscious neuroprocesses that acquire information and react in some way. A hypothesis consistent with the results of modern brain science specifies how these processes interact.

Why would you want to read this book?

  • If you are interested in the fundamental questions about the world, this book gives you a new way to look at them.
  • The tools help you deal with the flood of information produced by the media. They help you decide whether material is relevant or manipulative drivel.

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