Matroid Decomposition Book Re-release

Our book Matroid Decomposition was first published in 1992 by Academic Press. The company transferred the copyright back to us in 1998. With considerable help from G. Rinaldi and F-S. Sun, we then created an ebook revised edition that could, and still can, be downloaded free of charge. Just check the Internet for various websites offering the file.

In 2014, Elsevier announced that they were going to print the original book. We protested, informing that they did not have the copyright. Regardless, they went ahead, and sold a number of copies. Upon our protest, they stopped printing and made restitution of the ill-gotten gains. As we write this post, in 2017, there are still illegal remnants of Elsevier’s book offer on the Internet, which the company has promised to remove.

The continuing demand for a printed versionmore than 25 years after the initial publicationprompted us in 2017 to create a low-cost print version of the revised edition.  For details about the book, see the More Books page.

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